Hi guys, its Cherry 😀

This is the simplest snack ever, and super duper yummy!!
Baked fish dumplings (Xiaomai)

“Xiaomai” is a widely available Chinese dumpling made with different types of meat or fish. This version we will be using fish coz it’s less greasy and goes better with s&p. We are using Sichuan peppercorn coz of its numbing sensation that makes the snack addicting!!

You may also choose to deep fry them dumplings, but ofcoz its less oily this way and just healthier, still as crispy in my opinion ^^

Btw: Fish dumplings (a.k.a. fish xiaomais) can be found @Asian supermarkets 😀

Plz try it out!! xXx

Please click here for the video:

Servings: for TWO
Prep time: 5mins
Cooking time: 30mins

Have fun 😀 Cherry

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