Hi guys, its Cherry ^^

Today I’d like to share with you how I made this Miniature McDonalds’ Store w/ REAL FOOD!!!

I transformed a miniature store DIY kit into this McDonalds. It actually looked very similar to the one I went to, but I didn’t film that McDonalds… Maybe I should have LOL

What is your favourite burger from McDonalds? I frankly don’t have ONE favourite, coz they are too many that I enjoy. Egg McMuffin is just one of them, but I also like Filet-o-fish, Double Cheeseburger and more… LOL I rarely eat at McDonalds though, its not near where I usually hang around so, I don’t usually go.

Watch here:

So, I hope you enjoyed watching!! xXx Episode 2 will be up soon, stay tuned!! ^^

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